Wifes Exhibitionist Experience III

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Wifes Exhibitionist Experience III

I awoke from the sound of the mail being placed in the mail holder. I slipped on a pair of shorts and collected the mail while my wife still lay there sleeping.

While looking through the mail there wasn?t much there junk, and more junk, bills, oh and one to Denise from some entertainment production company. I held it up to the light it looked like a check. What production company would be sending her a check.

She woke up I wasn?t in the mood I was more curious as to what was in the envelope. The mail was on the table. She put on some cloths because it wouldn?t be long before the kids would be home. She picked up the mail and I noticed that she saw the envelope. The envelope was slipped into her shirt. She went on about things and then asked, ?What all did we get in the mail.? I know she was prompting to see what I knew. 

I picked up the mail as if I were looking at it for the /first-time/">first time. I called off the junk, bills, and the one that was sent to her was gone. ?There was another envelope here addressed to you but it seems to be gone. It looked like a check was inside I hope I haven?t lost it.?

?I don?t know what sort of check I would be getting,? she said.

The kids came home and apparently she didn?t realize that she had dropped the envelope. ?Oh here it is. The letter I was talking about. It may just be some sort of junk mail. I will open it.?

About the time I got it open and was looking at it here she came running in. ?I can explain.? Was all she could muster.

It was a check for $350. ?Where did this come from and what are you being paid $350 for??

?Well you know I have been on camera for the last three months. This is my monthly payment for last month.?

?What do you mean, these guys are paying you?? 

?Well yes, why would I do it for nothing. I really didn?t think I would have the nerve to do it. I honestly didn?t think anyone would want to pay to see me.?
I couldn?t even muster a response. I was shocked. Here my wife was telling me that she was getting paid to do this. I thought it was to help her become more open with me. How wrong I was.

She proceeded to tell me that she had used the money on our last house payment and utility bills. ?That was over $700!? 

?Yes I know and it has really dropped, most people are online during the day and not so much of the evenings. I need to be online during the days to make money.?

? I don?t like you being online when I am not here.? 

?But the money is coming in handy.?

?Ok, we will try it. But I want you to show me and tell me what you do with them.?

?I don?t have a problem with that. I can do that.?

The next week came. I got off a little early. I walked into the house the bedroom door was shut. I walked into the bedroom and there she was with her panties off, the camera aimed directly at her pussy her fingers buried deep inside her. She turned to look at me and told me to shut the door.

I felt like I had walked in on my wife and another man. I turned and walked out of the room and went outside. It wasn?t long before she came out. She asked me if I was ok. I wasn?t sure if I was or not. I had agreed to let her do this but I wasn?t expecting the feeling that it would create inside me.

I was angry and frustrated. I went inside the house to the bedroom sat on the side of the bed. Denise followed me. The more I thought about the sight I seen the angrier I became.

?Show me what you done for this guy.?

?It wasn?t much. He mainly wanted to look at my pussy while he jerked off.?

?That doesn?t explain why you had your fingers buried inside your pussy.?

?When he got closer to cumming he wanted to see me finger myself in the way I like to feel a cock thrust into me.?

?Show me.? I said harshly.

She proceeded to take her shorts off and remove her panties. She placed her leg on the table and started fingering her pussy. God this guy got her horny she was still wet. She was really getting off on these guys. I thought it was just work a means to make money. This is confusing and starting to piss me off. Here she is becoming this very sexual person and I am missing out on it.

I grabbed her arm. Her fingers came out of her /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard and fast. I slung her on the bed and got on top of her. She was trying to push me off. ?I?m gonna show you how you like having a /fucking/cock-fuck/">cock fuck you.?

Holding her down with one hand and using my weight to keep her legs apart I reached between us and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I slammed my cock into her pussy hard. ?Not like this, no please don?t.? I didn?t care. She was getting guys off while I was at work and I be damn if I was gonna let her get turned on by these guys cocks.

I pumped her hard. With each thrust deep inside her it felt as if I was hitting something preventing me from going in deeper. I could feel her pelvis bone rub against my cock as I thrust harder and harder. 

?They may not be entering you but you are fucking men all day. You let them tell you how hard they will fuck you how deep you want them well I am just gonna show you.? 

Even though her body was acting as if she didn?t like it she was horny and was getting wetter by the minute. She kept saying ?No, No?. When her mouth would make the ending sound of the word no I thought about how the shape was perfect for sucking. I pulled my cock from her just fingered and fucked pussy and stuck my cock in her mouth. ?Suck me clean, lick your pussy off my cock. See how much you like those other men but you are only getting to fuck me.?

She sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow. I didn?t think she would suck me like that taking me deep into her mouth and she sucked all the sheen from my cock.

I lifted my cock and had her suck the juices that had sexxxx video ful hd accumulated on my nut sack. After all it was her pussy that had gotten it all wet only right that she clean it all.

While sucking my one nut into her mouth and then the other she began stroking my cock. She sucked one inside her mouth and began using her tongue on it while sucking and I shot my load all over everywhere. It landed on my chest, in her hair, and on her nose.

After it was over I asked her how she was getting money and how it was all working. She later told me that she was on a website which I later saw. She was being paid rather well or so I thought but this other guy was making money off of her almost xxx sex video download free com over half. 

We have now decided that she will start her own site and we will do ?shows? together. What a better way than to make money doing what you love. I must say she is damn good at her job. She has repeat customers as I call them she calls them dates. I told her the line was it when she decided to start stripping. That there is no way I would permit that.