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My First Time 141

My /first-time/">first time : By Sirdar

I was just sixteen when I started work with the company. I was tall and very fit for my age, but at school I had spent far too much time on sports, and I had badly neglected the academic side of my education. Hence I had to leave school and start work. I started work with the mail order company just past my sixteenth birthday. My job was really described as a trainee, but in fact I was the order office dogs body, there was little sign of any immediate training for me. The company was a leading mail order company and therefore they employed a lot of female staff, not only in the warehouse but also in the office. The order office was rows and rows of young girls answering telephones from customers and my main job was really catering to the needs of the telephone operators, making sure they had cups of coffee, pens, paper etc and anything else when they needed it.

After a week or so I got settled in, the job was a bit boring except for the interaction between myself and the girls. The girls were generally good fun to xxx work with, and then over the next week or two I found that I was getting quite a bit of friendly teasing from some of the girls, much of it with sexual connotations, but not in any way intimidating. Some of the worst offenders were the young married /women/">women, who did not hesitate to ask quite intimate questions at times about my love life or lack of it. I played along with it, and on a few occasions I found that when I was standing close to some of the more daring telephone operators their hands would begin to wander in the region of my groin. They seemed to get immense pleasure from making my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard, but then one or two started to comment on the size of my cock which being young I found a little embarrassing at the time. One girl openly referred to me as Donkey Dick.

I was at the time a real virgin, but I had over the years had a number of girl friends, and apart from a bit of passionate fondling and kissing I had never progressed beyond that point. However, I quickly suspected that it would not be long before that condition would be rectified if some of these girls had their way. When it finally did happen, it was most unexpected and my virginity was lost in a most unexpected quarter, and in surprising circumstances.

Tracy the Supervisor was a very nice looking young married woman, she was a slim natural blue eyed /blonde/">blonde, and quite a good Supervisor. She was she told everyone married without children, but she never talked about her husband to anyone as far as I knew. I was pretty sure she knew of the amount of teasing that was going on, but realizing I was not getting offended she just issued gentle warnings when and where she thought it was appropriate.

Weekends were an especially busy time for the company and it was not uncommon for Tracy to ask me to work late on a number of occasions until the lines closed, and we could have a quick clear up in the order room ready for the morning. One Friday night the girls had all gone home and the telephone lines were all shut down, and Tracy asked me to help her move some catalogues into the Managing Directors office that had just arrived from the printers. I was just stacking the catalogues neatly when Tracy followed me in and locked the office door behind her.

I looked up and saw Tracy advancing towards me with a strange but very determined look in her eye. Before I realised what was happening she had put her arms round my neck and pulling me close she started passionately kissing me, using porn videos download her tongue to explore every corner of my mouth. Not being a complete novice I responded, and put my arms round her neck but the after a few moments of passionate kissing a free hand went down to undo my belt buckle, within seconds my trousers were round my ankles, and her hand was gently fondling my cock. By now I knew what was happening and there was no way I was going to resist.

"I want you to fuck me Tony ? I need you to fuck me so badly.? She whispered in my ear as she gently but with intent, gently pushed me back on to the bosses office couch as she opened her stockinged legs, and straddled my body. She quickly stripped her blouse off and her bra. It was at that point that I realised that she was not wearing any panties and for the first time in my life I saw a real woman?s pussy I realised that Tracy had obviously planned her seduction of me with some care. Following her lead, I was soon as naked as she now was, and soon our naked bodies melted into each other ? smooth skin on smooth skin ? her boobs pressing into me and my cock fully enlarged in the operating mode. Tracy wasted no time as she guided my cock into her waiting pussy as she then let her body weight push me until was fully inside her, The sensations were completely new to me and it seemed like my body was being attacked by a number of electric like sensations running up and down my large cock and round my whole body as I slid in easily ? her wetness making my entrance easy for me.

I had been told that my cock was a good size for my age, and the fact that one of the telephone girls had started fondly referring to me as donkey dick had given me the clue that I was perhaps a little better endowed than most young men my age. It was no /surprise/">surprise when I sensed that my cock was very much to Tracy?s satisfaction and seemed to fill her pussy with no problem.

?Come on baby move it in and out now baby" Tracy said ? showing me the pace that she wanted to set. I followed her lead and for the first time in my life I was having my first fuck, and from the groans and noises she was making I guessed that she was thoroughly enjoying in the lustful sensation of fucking a mere boy. I touched her clit as I had seen done in books rubbing it lightly with my finger, and the response was instantaneous . She gave a cry almost like a muted scream as her body started to writhe and buck as my fingers did their work, as I continued to move in and out of her with increasing zest and passion. Soon I felt my juices rising inside me.

Taking me very much by surprise her stockinged legs now clamped round my back, as she kept me locked inside her as she erupted in spasm after spasm of a massive series of orgasms. I could feel her wetness gushing and her pussy walls clamping and vibrating against my cock locked inside her. Her hands were all over my body clutching at my buttocks and trying to pull me deeper as then I heard myself cry as though it was from a distance, as I shot my seed deep into her writhing body. It was not long after this that we both gradually stopped from utter exhaustion. I was still impaled in her as my juices mingled with hers deep inside her.

It was some minutes before we recovered our breath and Tracy said "That was so wonderful Tony I want to do it again and again" she whispered to me as once again she gave a long lingering kiss.

Then after we had dressed she took me in her arms again after kissing me she asked. ?Did you enjoy it.??

?You bet.? I replied enthusiastically.

?That?s good honey because that makes two of us. But you must never tell anyone hat has happened between us tonight?

She offered me a lift home and as the car came to a stop outside my home she saw there were no lights on in the house as my father was away for the weekend working and as my mother had died some years earlier I was trusted to be able to look after myself all alone. Tracy asked me who was home with me, and I explained my circumstances so she suggested I spend the weekend with her.

Although Tracy was some years older than me we married a year later just after our first child was born, and now ten years later Tracy and I have three lovely children. I am now the Warehouse and Packing shop manager and Tracy has retired to look after our growing family. Her first marriage had been a disaster and only lasted a few weeks and so was non existent, for some obscure reason Tracy had allowed people to think she was still married.

The End