Dark Horse Farms

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Dark Horse Farms

As I step out of the stable into the yard I gush on and on about how grateful I am, how I wouldn’t tell anyone about this place. Still early morning, the Farm is just beginning stir in the dim light and it looks like any other horse farm. As I’m walked towards the center of the yard, I don’t pay much attention to the different pens, corrals, sturdy posts, fence like structures many of which are hard to make out in the gloom.

Suddenly I’m firmly steered towards a grassy area where two other /women/">women appear, before I can react I’m pulled forward into one of the pens, my arms dragged upward and locked into place, spread wide between two posts. ’What, what’s going on’ I scream ’You said this was a mistake’ twisting I try to kick my legs free of the strong hands that grab each ankle skillfully, spreading them wide and quickly fastening them to large rings cemented into the ground. I twist and thrash, trying to get my self free, as Brenda pulls the blanket off and stands back to look at me with the two helpers standing slightly behind her.

’Very nice indeed, she’ll do well here don’t you think Gretchen’ Brenda turns to look at a beautiful flaxen /blonde/">blonde. ’Oh very well Brenda, look at how those tits bounce as she tries to get free, just think how wonderful their going to look bouncing up and down when a cane is used on them.’ ’What a prefect way to start the day and to start the slut’s training Gretchen.’ Turning to a small /brunette/">brunette Brenda says ’Ella go fetch a cane, we’ll start this slut’s education now’ ’Right away Ms Brenda’ Ella disappears as I continue to twist and pull at the restraints unable to believe this is happening to me.

Brenda and Gretchen look me over slowly, carefully, discussing me like animal. ’Your right Gretchen she has wonderful tits, but look at her ass, its nearly perfect’ as she reaches over and pulls the tight creamy checks apart I scream ’nooooooo noooooooo You said this was a mistake’ Ignored as the two of them continue to inspect me Gretchen responses ’oh nice, that /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole is going to look delightful impaled on something big and hard. You know Brenda it’s going to be hard to decide what should rape that hole first, there are so many options, baseball bat would be fun, but then again a Great Dane would be just delightful, I’m sure she’s never fucked a dog before.’

Laughing as I instantly become still, horrified by what I’m hearing, Brenda says ’or perhaps we should think about loosening up that hole with a Boa Constrictor first, it would open the entire hole, we just got that snake in yesterday, you know Gretchen I bet the guests would love it, after all it would a first here at Dark Horse. ’You’re a genius Brenda; I’ll have Samantha make it tonight’s featured entertainment at the dinner theater. Oh good Ella’s back’ I turn to see the petite brunette come up, carrying two bamboo canes, each two inches round, flexible as both Brenda and Gretchen expertly snap them in the air, as the they come around in front of me.

’Welcome to Dark Horse Farms slut, I’m Brenda the head handler here and this is Gretchen, she is the handler for your stable.’ I stand chained, spread wide between the two posts, looking wide eyed barely able to understand what’s going on. ’You, You said this was a mistake, you said you would let me go’ I whimper. Laughing softly Brenda says ’oh you misunderstood my meaning, a mistake was made, you should have been chained standing up, spread wide like you are now and when I said let’s get you out of here, I meant out of the stable and you are out of the stable aren’t you.’ I stand there, shaking between the posts, whimpering, ’but you said’ I say.

’And I did exactly what I said I would do, now didn’t I’ Brenda says, as she causally reaches out to grab one plump pink nipple, stretching and twisting it hard ’oh yes /tits/nice-tits/very-nice-tits/">very nice tits indeed’ as Gretchen slowly runs her fingers over my cunt, spread wide as my legs are spread painfully between the posts ’very nice cunt, we’re going to make a lot of money on you slut’. My blowjob porn videos head snaps up as I stammer ’what do you mean, make money on me’ All three women laugh softly, but it’s Brenda who speaks ’welcome to Dark Horse Farms slut, you are newest cunt here.

Let me explain, Dark Horse Farms is a very special farm, we offer only the finest human animals to our guests who enjoy, shall we say the darker more extreme pleasures. Pleasures that you can’t find anywhere else, for you see slut, nothing is /taboo/">taboo here, and for the right price our guests can indulge in anything thing their heart desires. Our guests indulge all their darkest desires here with no one judging them, rather they often try to out do each other. Now let’s get started with your training, after last week-end’s hunt we’re down a dozen sluts’

Gretchen smiles wickedly, flexing the cane slightly and moves to stand behind me as Brenda with glittering green eyes move in front of me, flexing the cane. ’Your are now nothing more than property of Dark Horse and you will do anything your handler or a guests request’ causally lifting the cane up and skillfully bring it down over my tits with a wicked WHISH, I buck and scream ’aghhhhhhhhhh’ as the cane bites down, compressing the creamy skin of my tits, I gasp leaning forward against the cuffs holding me to the post, as she lifts the cane again.

’You will be tortured, humiliated, abused, taught to instantly obey any command and you will love it slut’ SMACK as Gretchen’s cane comes crashing down, biting deep into my ass ’aieeeeeeeeee’ I scream bucking forward to get away from the pain, as I do so my body arches up, lifting my tits ’ WHISH down comes Brenda’s cane biting hard into the creamy flesh as I scream again, pulling forward to offer my ass to Gretchen’s cane, SMACK I scream as the cane leaves a long red welt over my ass, I scream and twist between the poles, held firmly as Brenda and Gretchen work me over, WACK’’.SWISH’.SMACK’. the canes comes down over my /ass/tit-ass/tits-and-ass/">tits and ass leaving long red welts.

I nearly faint as the Brenda skillfully bring the cane over my nipples, before working over the tender undersides of my tits. Ella moves behind me on Gretchen’s command and I feel her small hands grab and pull my cheeks wide, groaning I fail to understand what she’s planning, I lean forward, slumped between the post as Brenda walks behind me, breathing hard I think its over. ’SMACK’ ’AIEEEEEEEEEE’ I scream in horrible pain as with skill Gretchen brings the cane down directly over my /asshole/">asshole, I twist and groan, my screams echo through the farm as she begins to work my ass over in earnest as I scream as I see a small crowd is gathering to watch.

I shudder in horror and humiliation at being displayed naked, however that soon pales as pain consumes my body, my screams seem to go on forever as Brenda moves back in front of me and for what seems like an hour the two of them work me milf porn videos hard, to the delight of the crowd, who calls out encouragement ’ come on, make those tits bounce harder, you can do better than that Brenda’. ’ More stripes on her ass, make her look like a Zebra Gretchen’ I gag and gasp in pain, rocking back and forth as the two women work on me with their canes, my vision begins to blurry and then grays and then finally, gratefully I pass out.