My boyfriend my sex slave day 3 Part 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My boyfriend my sex slave day 3 Part 2

"You can just leave your clothes in the car," I said, sticking the key in our lock.
"Alright," said Rick. I had brought him home from the club.
"Cody should be inside...", and with that, I opened the door.

He was at the table, eating breakfast with the /vibrator/">vibrator buzzing in his ass. Rick looked shocked full hd xvideo download at the sight, and Cody was shocked that another man was here. We fucked with different men all the time, but we always told each other about it. I hadn't told Cody Rick was coming with me.

"Hey, Rick," said Cody. 
"Hey..." said Rick.
"Cody's my slave for a month," I explained. Rick's eyes seemed to free porn movies download light up.
"So does that mean..." he asked.
"While you're here, he's your slave too." I said. Cody's expression didn't change, but Rick became excited.
"Come here, Cody," I said. He hurried over, letting the vibrator fall as he walked.
"Get on all fours," I said. He obliged, and I kneeled behind him. Rick took the front, whispering: "Suck me, /bitch/">bitch."

Cody took all 9 inches in one go, as I rammed my 8 into his ass. Rick and I moaned together, and I fucked faster. Rick grabbed Cody's hair, as he asked me, "Where should I cum?" 
"All over his face," I replied.

Rick pulled his cock out of Cody's mouth and began to stroke it. Only a few seconds later, he moaned and cummed all over Cody's face. At the sight, I let loose in Cody's ass. He collapsed on the floor, as did we. We lay there panting for a while, until he got on all fours again.

"Come over here, Rick." He seemed to get the idea, and knelt behind Cody. I got on my knees again, and touched my cock head to Rick's. We both entered at the same time, moving in and out at the same speed. Our balls collided with each other and Cody's ass. Cody squealed. 

"Faster," I told Rick, and he thrust in and out like a mad man. I soon caught up to him, and I felt his cock tense. We both cummed in the span of a few seconds, while some leaked out of Cody's ass. We both pulled out, and Rick immediately cleaned out Cody's ass. Somehow, I managed to fit my head next to Ricks, and we both got our tongues inside, causing Cody immense pleasure. He cummed all over the floor. Rick reached under his body and rubbed his nipple, while I did the other side. We were all ready to go again, so I had Cody lay under me and stroke my cock while I got on all fours.

Rick disappeared from my view, but I felt his cock poke against my ass. He gave me no mercy, as he pumped in and out. Pretty soon, Cody only needed to hold his hand on my cock; I was moving back and forth on my own. 

I leaned down and kissed Cody, my tongue attacking his mouth. He melted into it, as Rick let out a moan. He was watching us, and said "That's so hot." Then, an explosion rocked my ass. I looked back, and Rick was pulling out of me. He collapsed on the floor, spent. 
"Thanks," he said, then left. 

I watched the door close, then turned back to Cody, smiling. 
"My ass feels a little dirty, would you mind cleaning it out for me?"