We never saw it coming

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
We never saw it coming

 It started as an ordinary Sunday night on Dawson Drive. Michael was hanging out with his Justin's house. Michael was a frequent visitor and Justin was glad to have him over all the time. Justin's family treated Michael like one of their own. Both guys were straight, and never thought about having before.

That night, Justin's family did their usual Sunday get together. They would sit in the den listening to music and remeniscing. However that night ended earlier than usual. Eventually Michael and Justin were left alone in the den. Justins parents turned in early because of work the next day. Luckily for the boys, xnxxv sunny leone video they were out of high school and wasn't there yet. Justin sat down and proped up in a recliner as Michael sits on the couch. They began watching one of their favorite shows.

As Michael real forced anal against her will watched TV, he noticed out of the corner of his eye Justin who was rock hard playing with his cock. Michael was shocked to see him like that. "What are you doing?", Michael asked. "Sorry, you didn't need to see that", Justin responded. At that moment Michael's mind was completely off of the show. After Justins statement he continued to play with himself, leaking tons on precum. Michael was turned on by Justins show. Suddenly Justin got up and went on the floor laying on his side.

He continued his pleasure. Micheal couldn't take his horniness anymore. He got off the couch and kneeled behind Justin. Michael moved Justin's hand from out of his pants and began stroking his cock slowly. Justin had no objectives to it for he laid there in pleasure. Knowing they were both 18 year old virgns, Michael was ready to go the whole nine yards. He striped Justin from the waist down and motioned for him to bend over.

Justin quiclky got on all fours anxiously waiting for Michael. Michael got undressed and started for Justins . He sat on his knees and lowered justin down on his cock. Before Michael could stroke, Justin took over and began to ride Michael's cock madly. Both were sweating and gasping for breath fucking in the middle of the family den. As Michael was ready to cum, justin refudsed to stop allowing Michael to shoot his load into his ass.

When Michael pulled out he could see his cum oozing out of Justin. Michael then laid justin back and quickly sat on his cock. He bagan riding Justin as wildly as Justin rode him. Justin waisted no time to cum. Justin was about to pull out when he exploded cum in and on Michale's ass.

Afterwards Micheal turned Justin over and sucked the cum out of his ass. Justin gladly returned the favor. Michael then noticed how late it was and headed for home. The boys never spoke a word of their intercourse to anyone, especially their girlfriends.