A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

Our story started about two months ago after the wife and I had our weekly sex fling. We had fallen into a rut of doing the same thing over and over again. As I got the towel and started wiping my cock off I said you know we we should try something different with our sex lives, which she responded what would that be ? You know we have talked about having a three some or inviting a BBC over so i can watch you get fucked good. Yea right how do we go about getting someone she said; let me think about it if your willing to try, I will find somebody I replied.

I had already had a plan in motion that she did not know about. There was this guy I worked with, good looking, black and recently divorced. At lunch the week before I had brought up my wife and her wanting to maybe have a date with a stranger. He said it sounding like it could be fun and wished me luck. Now was the time to put my plan into action.

I asked my black friend if he wanted to do lunch and he said sure. At lunch he asked how things were going and had I found anyone for my wife, I looked him straight in the eyes and said; I think Im looking at him right now. What he responded, and then a big smile came over his face and said; sure wouldnt mind helping you out he said with a smile. We agreed on a date and I said do what ever you want she yours for the evening, he said he had a plan and would follow up with me.

At home that night after we had eaten I told my wife I had set up a date for her with someone that I knew from work. The look on her face was fear and excitement. I told her it was the black friend I played golf with. She had met him once and seemed to think he was really nice. She a had many questions and I told her he would let me know soon about the date. The next day there was a present delivered to the house for my wife. Inside the present was a complete outfit with instructions for her. There was a black fishnet dress with a hood, high heels that were at least 8inches high ( I had given her shoe size), necklace and earrings that said I love BBC and crotch less panty hose that were black. Her make up was to be heavy and very slutty. She was to wear only what was in the package and be ready the next night around 6 pm. Also he had instructed that I take photos of her in her outfit and then post them to a web site for him to look at at later.

At first I thought she was going to back out, but I told her he had spent the money for the clothes and she would enjoy herself. She bathed and put her make up on and I got the camera out. Damn she was hot and you could see everything. Her really /tits/large-tits/">large tits showing through the dress with her nipples poking thru and you could she her shaven pussy so smooth against the dress. Her necklace was declaring she loved big black cock was between her breasts. She looked so slutty in the high heels she had on I wanted to fuck her right then and right there but, she said white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie no, I had promised her to someone else for the night and I was out of luck. We just finished with the pictures as the doorbell rang. I went to the door and my friend, my wife date for night was there to pick her up. He said he would have her home by one am and out the door she went with him, not even a good bye see you later nothing. I processed the shots I took of her and posted them on a voyeur web site that I was given and then started my wait for her to come home.

At one am the door opened and in came my /wife/sexy-wife/">sexy wife, she still looked hot, but it was obvious she had been used, Her make up was not the same, her lipstick wasnt as red as when she left and her hair was a mess, and her skin looked to be covered in hardened cum, but she had one /ass/big-ass/">big ass smile on her face. I said ok how did it go, you have fun or what. She lead me to the bed room told me to take my clothes off and lie on the bed. My cock was at attention and rock hard. As she sat on the bed rubbing on my cock she started her story.

When they left he had taken her to his house for drinks and she said they had not been there more than fifteen minutes when the doorbell rang. Her told her to go answer the door and when she opened the door it was another black guy that was invited over. Now there were two guys getting an eye full of my wife who with the dress she had on was not wearing anything that hid any thing. Her nipples she said were so hard she could have punched holes in the wall with them. She told me as she kept rubbing my cock that her pussy was soaking wet and she was excited as to what would happen next. My friend informed her there would be one other guy come over and it was there weekly pool game night. She would be the severer girl and her job would be to do what ever she was asked to do. She said she sucked her drink down and said ok when do we start. The door bell rang again and she was sent to answer it. As she was playing with the head of my dick she looked me in the eyes and said you set me up with three big black studs.

I had to play each one in games of winner gets what he or she wanted. I lost the first game to your friend and in return he wanted me to suck his big black cock while his friends watched. He took me to a big chair that he sat in and I had to lower his pants to expose his cock and it had to be a least 8 inches and thick, it was all I could do to get in my mouth. As I worked it in and out I was able to get it in deeper he didnt hold back for long an he filled my mouth with his hot cum and there was so much that it ran down the sides of my mouth and he would not let me wipe it up. He told me It looked good on my face. Now I needed to play the next guy up. Thought I was going to win this time. I had only one ball left to make and missed, his buddy ran the table. I looked at him and said whats your pleasure. He wanted me to ride him cowgirl style as the other two sucked my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. He lowered his pants and there was another monster cock to deal with.

He sat in the same chair where I had given the blow job, he told me to take off the dress only and leave everything else on. He reached up and grabbed me by my hips and slowly pulled me down on to his /cock/big-cock/">big cock. I was so wet it slide in with no problem. He controlled me with his hands on my hips to the speed of his thrust, slow and short at first getting faster and deeper. I had never had a cock that large in my pussy and at first it hurt but soon it felt wonderful. He had his whole cock in my pussy as he slowed and his buddies moved in on my double FF breasts with the rock hard nipples. With each suck of my breast and the /cock/large-cock/">large cock in my pussy I could not stop cumming. The next thing I knew was the cock in my pussy started pumping me like it was on a mission and it was he was breathing hard then I could feel his load blast in me. Now it would be time to play the third /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

I was told to not put my dress back on. Time to play my last opponent. It was all I could do to hold myself up in the last game and of course I lost. He looked at me and smiled took my hand and led me to the bed room. He told me to get on the bed leave your shoes and everything else on. All three of them now got on the bed with me. They had me start sucking the cock that had just fucked my pussy stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv so hard. The winner of the last game was diving into my sloppy pussy, each working me. A large cock fucking my mouth and another large cock fucking my pussy, then there was a change as I had two cock to suck on as I was was getting a good pounding from behind I could hardly hold my self up from shaking so much. They all stopped at the same time and rolled me to my back. They were over me finishing off their cocks, they coved me in thick /sweet/">sweet cum, on my face all over my breasts and belly, never have I seen so much thick creamy cum in my life. As I laid there they finished unloading the cum on me.Your friend told me to rest and let the cum dry so when I get home you could see. As she told me that I shot the biggest load of my life. She just smiled and said I made my own date for next week.